Shoreditch Based Digital Design & Development

Commercial works of designerzen

Senior Web Development with an eye for useability and focus around the user experience. Code. Graphic and Motion design, illustration and artwork.


Million Pound Drop

Second Screen Realtime Video Game

Client : Monterossa

Leaders in second screen technology, and with such top name clients as the BBC, Sky, Endemol and Channel4, I helped create and maintain a primetime application that runs in realtime alongside the scheduled TV broadcast and offered a new way of interacting with the content. Using a range or push technologies and backend client services, each show is customised by the publishers in realtime and provided with a range of front ends for consumption - from web to tablet.


Video Game

Launch Project
  • Code Development
  • API Integration
  • ActionScript
  • JavaScript
  • Web Sockets
  • JSON
  • XML